Man Returns From Abroad Only To Find Out His Own Sister Has Sold Off His Land (Photos)

Many men in Nigeria today, knowingly or unknowingly, are struggling inside the mess of either a bad mother, promiscuous wife, evil sister or witch mother-in-law. If you escape all four, then you are very very lucky. Anyway, I'll deal with the issues another day.

A hustling Nigerian man, Okechukwu Agheze, has cried out after his elder sister sold his land while he was out of Nigeria and even told him to his face that he can do nothing.

The man, from Anambra state, said he bought a plot of land at Ifo, Ogun state, and developed it to a certain level. Before traveling abroad, he gave his sister the document to the land for safe keeping. She converted it to her property and sold it.

He returned to Nigerian after being deported with nothing and his only hope at starting over was that land. But an evil sister has something else for him. How sad!

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