Money Machine: 'Rich' Nigerian Guy Commits Suicide After Going Broke

The rate people are going to Hell in this reckless generation is quite unfortunate. If you try to advise them to obey God's word in the Bible and live Right, they will say "leave that thing, na only me dey do Fraud? Na only me dey commit Fornication or Adultery? Na only me? Are you saying all those doing things against the word of God will go to Hell? Abeg make we hear word!"

Sorry! If you don't repent, when your end comes, you will know that the WAGES of a Sinful life is Everlasting Torment in HELL.

As you read this, another young Nigerian who lived a carefree luxury lifestyle and reportedly went broke, has drank battery acid in apparent suicide. 

According to a sad story which is making the rounds online, the guy identified as Emeka Okafor a.k.a Oracle, committed suicide after realizing that the money he was using to show off on social media was all gone.

It was gathered that the sad incident occurred, yesterday, in the Johannesburg area of South Africa, where the Nigerian lived until his death. A cup containing the lethal substance was found close to his dead body.

The "big boy" who lived an extravagant life reportedly couldn't live with his present 'Broke' condition, hence he took his own life.
NOTE: You can make money without God and live as you like. But if you want to secure your Soul in Eternity, the ONLY way is... Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and its Righteousness; all other things will be added. Be warned!

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