Nigerian Home Jersey And Plateau Massacre Caused Super Eagle's World Cup Exit, Says Pig And Cat Who Predicted Eagles Will Lift World Cup

The pig that predicted Nigeria to win over her opponent was reported to have said, it requested the FIFA to not allow super eagle's wear that Jersey. "If you can remember vividly, they lost their first with that same so called home Jersey, then I raised alarm, but no one
cares. It took me three wonderful days of consultations to reverse the backluck associated with that Jersey but no avail. I had to asked the super eagle's management to talk to FIFA to allow only that White-like V stripped Jersey, but FiFA knowing fully that the win for Nigeria is connected to that Jersey refused to accept the plea". He said.
 Also speaking the Cat put the blames on the recent killings on the plateau caused Nigeria the exit in the world cup. " we never predicted falsely ever, but after the match, I was meant to understand that luck ran out of Naija when the killer headsman carried out that deadly attack. You don't allow innocent blood run on your land, it  causes backclash, badluck". He declared. Further, the cat stated that the players didn't respond according to the directives that they should wear black armband in solidarity for the killings, that would have averted the exit from world cup.

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