When Jesus Therefore Had Received The Vinegar, He Said, It Is Finished: And Bowed His Head, & Gave Up The Ghost. (John 19:30)

Three important words Jesus spoke on the cross, 'it is finished'. Suspended on that cross, Jesus became the mediator between man and God. First to destroy every work of the devil in man and also to reconcile man and God together in fellowship. 'It is finished' means that mission was successfully accomplished. Child of God, Jesus has set you free, why
should you remain bound. Do not allow what Jesus has declared finished in your life, to start all over again. Jesus said, 'it is finished', that means every work of the devil is destroyed and you have been delivered from sickness, failure, sin, shame etc. When you ptay , stand on the finished work work of Christ. Believe these three words for every negative situation you find yourself. Even today, I decree and declare, that what you are going through right now is finished, in Jesus name.

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