...Anyone Wanting To Be Leader Among You Must Be Your Servant. And If You Want To Be Right At The Top, You Must Serve Like A Slave. (Mathew 20:26-27)

The key to greatness lies in the commitment to serve! We as Christians have been called to a life of service towards God and mankind. God is mindful and concerned about people
more than anything else. So, when you are concerned about is serving people through your work, the lord will be mindful of your success and prosperity; He will cause everything you do to prosper. When you render service faithfully, you will surely prospe, it doesn't matter the job or business you do. When your aim is to give quality service, your greatness will be very obvious. If you find yourself in a position of service either in the church or the secular world, thank God, be faithful in it no matter what it is, because that is where your opportunity to rise is to the top is.

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