Landlord Used "Juju" To Tie Tenants' Destiny In Lagos

On Sunday 05/08/18, around 7:30 pm, a family made a break through discovery of a strong "Charm" that the Ijebu Landlord had used to tie them on one spot, where they were making no progress, as sicknesses, death and infirmities were the only recurring thing in their lives.

As the man, wife and son reclined on the pavement of the veranda in front, the wife saw some threads poking out of the ground, from the impact of erosion; she playfully pulled, revealing the Juju; a tiny pot weaved round with white threading, placed by the entrance door, whereby every person entering or leaving the house must pass over it.

It was surprises, curses and thanksgiving mixed together as the family recollected that the last Redeemed church Pastor that left the apartment eventually lost his wife after series of unexplained sicknesses and fainting spells, and that they too had gone through a 5 year long drought, poverty, sicknesses and violence from Niger Delta Ijaw boys.

The family eventually burnt the Juju and are keen on relocating from Ajegunle Ikorodu. May God save his people from spiritual destroyers. 

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