Letter To My Primary And Secondary School Mate!!!

1) To my classmates
who refused to tear
the middle of their
higher Education
notebook for me to
write a test, I hope you
are still using that note?
2) To those who
refused to open their
notebook for me to
copy, I hope you are all
working at chevron or
Microsoft company
3) To class captains
who always writes my
name as one of the
noise makers in the
class simply because
my name is very easy
to spell, I hope you are
the chairman of your
local government now!
4) To those seniors
who seized my
necklaces, foot wears,
etc, and never returned
them, hope you have
obtained the highest
rank in custom force!
5) To those who
always collect the little
my parents gave me
and made me go hungry
without pity, and those
who always break into
my locker and steal my
belongings, hope you
have broken world bank
6) To those who
maltreated me because I
was too tender, and
those who always
refuse to fix me in
school football matches
because you think I
cannot do it, I hope
Chelsea or Barcelona
has picked You!
7) To those who made
a drawing on the school
board, specifically Car,
and asked me to push
it, imagine pushing a
drawn car? But its OK, I
hope you have designed
I missed you all, wish
we could ever Re-
Connect again, you Guys
taught me so many
Lessons, the good and
the Bad, I appreciate
your all, may God guide
you all in your various
careers and
occupations, long life
and prosperity.
Despite that I might
not recognise your
Handsome and Beautiful
Faces, but I wish you all
the best!

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