2019: My Serious Advice To DDI And PDP In Taraba

I don't have access to any of the above mentioned but I hope that this message will get to them or some one close to them who can get to them.
I'm no politician and have no interest in partisan politics (for now), I don't carry a membership card of any political
party and don't think of carrying any soon.
This piece of advice is not because of my political leaning but due to my observation of the resent happenings in Ekiti/Osun elections.

It is clear that the Taraba man has rejected the APC and the present Fed. Government, it is clear that the PDP is winning the 2019 polls, it is clear that DDI will continue as our governor elect, but IT IS ALSO CLEAR THAT APC AND SANI CONTACT WILL STEAL THAT MANDATE.

So, Darius Ishaku and the PDP should not spend (or waste) their money on campaign, they should not even worry about telling the electorates to protect their votes (because the electorate did all that during Ekiti/Osun Elections but those votes did not count).

Therefore, Tell DDI and the PDP to preserve those monies for the coverage of the elections (and collation) by journalists. They should flood the entire state with journalists with cameras doing life coverages (thank God we have private media houses, bloggers, as I've lost confidence in NTA).

They should use the campaign monies to buy the activities of all private media houses (TV and Radio, Blog) for that whole day and the next, so that they will do live coverage and transmission of the elections and collation all through the entire state.
The presence of journalist should be in every Local Government, every ward and every polling unit, YES I said every polling unit. The media houses should from now start hiring adhoc staff (and train them) who will handle these duties, they should get cameras (even on hire basis from private owners) as many as the number of polling units that we have in Taraba state and more.

Every agent, every returning officer,  every INEC staff, every candidate, every government official (including the Governor), every party official (PDP, APC, APGA, eyc.) MUST be monitored by journalists and their activities reported/transmitted live.

The 2019 elections MUST not be rigged either by PDP or APC, Taraba state must set a pace to the entire country on free, fair and credible elections.

The change has began!!!!
Tell DDI and the PDP that our lives depend on this and we will not take it lightly, tell them that we don't need their money, tell them that as Taraba Men and Women.Tell them, this is not their business but our business.

In 2019, our votes MUST count, we've been raped once (2015 Inconclusive results in Taraba) but it must not repeat itself.
As Taraba Men and Women, Sons and Daughters, we MUST be peaceful, we must be civil, we will all be alive to witness this great battle. No killing, No rioting, No burning of houses nor cars, No insults.
We MUST arise and act, and the time is NOW

God bless Taraba State
God bless Nigeria and
God bless all Nigerians

I love my Dear Taraba
Santus Michael  is a Social commentator, a Public Analyst from Jalingo.


  1. this is a wise advice.what haapened in 2015 and in Ekiti/Osun and corrently now in Jos may likely be the same thing in Taraba. what Tarabans needs is free and fair election and political leaders who have the state at heart; coming to seat of power to make life meaningful for people.

    1. You have nailed it! A better and robust Taraba is what we're advocating. Thank you.

    2. You have nailed it! A better and robust Taraba is what we're advocating. Thank you.


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