Ways To Overcoming Negative Influence And Peer Pressure

In the world we find ourselves today, we need people around us to live. Whether good or bad, we’ll surely come across different people and we’ll surely be influenced by them in one way or the other. What do we do about overcoming negative influence? Or at least, how do we fight unwanted peer pressure? Read this article

First of all, please note that not all influences from people are bad. In fact, some people are helping you by influencing you so it’s up to you to define negative influences. This article however, would teach ways to overcoming negative influence.

Know what is negative

Firstly, you need to define bad. To you, what is bad? Everyone have their own definition of negativity. Some people may find pressure in doing something and others won’t. It is beneficial that you have your own unique definition.

What makes you define it as negative?

Make sure you’re not taking a stance because others are taking it. Don’t do things because others do it. To be specific, don’t like or hate things because other people do so. You need to find out the real and genuine reason why you label something as bad. Otherwise, you may be blinding your eyes to more options life has to offer.

Know your weaknesses

Everyone have weaknesses through which others can easily convince them. What are your weaknesses? Have you ever being convinced to do something you initially wouldn’t? If so, how were you convinced? Review your past to find out your weaknesses. When you know your weaknesses, you’ll easily avoid negative influence

Know who you are

Knowing who you are and what you stand for would make you easily say no when in pressure. Say: i am me because these are my values and others can’t shake my stance. You need to know yourself.

Rid off negative peers

You must know that there are more than 17 billion people presently on earth. Getting rid of bad friends would open the way for even more friends that’ll be of more value for you. Take the initiative and remove negative people from your life.

Stay cautious

In the popular Nickelodeon cartoon ‘penguins of Madagascar’, Skipper said that a friend is defined as an enemy who hasn’t strike yet. Well, i wouldn’t say that’s true but when i view it in another way, it means we should stay cautious. Why? As early written, everyone have their own definition of bad and negative. Even your best friend may find pleasure in doing what you wouldn’t want to. Keep being cautious

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