[A Must Read] Life Is a Mixture of Sorrow And Joy

God never promised RAIN without SUN. Sometimes you laugh and sometimes you feel there's no reason to laugh. Everybody in life has a story to tell. Sometimes in life conditions may change. The things that used to work may stop working and a very wise person will become a fool.

Sometimes in life your music can stop. And those who used to dance with you will leave you to dance alone. When people cant see in you what they used to see, some will remove respect and love from your personality and you become ordinary and lonely with no regards. Those who promised to stay through thick and thin will be the first to leave. The reality of life is in the trial period of life.

There's a purpose and timing to every event of life. There is a time limit to every pain in life. Happiness and sadness comes in different forms and sizes. Both are inevitable natural stages that we all have to pass through in our journey of life. Everybody will have their moments of sorrow and joy. The rich will cry and poor will smile. If you are not happy today doesn't mean you will be sad for life.

There's no single soul without a problem in life. Some problems are visible while some cannot be seen. If all problems were made visible by GOD, some people will rob with guns to steal your problems from you. Because theirs are bigger than yours but they still move on with life. Self pity and depression is never a cure to any problem in life. Your problem is not your destiny its just a stage in life that everybody has to pass. But never blame your destiny without checking your heart. A heart full of hatred is far from the blessings of GOD.
Akin Al-Ameen®™2018

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