Whether a Man Of God Is Called By Devil Or By God Is None Of Your Business ---David Ayuba Azzaman

Whether a man of God is called by the devil or by God is none of your business . I repeat whether a man of God is called by the Devil or by God is none of your business. Let God Judge them not you.

Christians be very very very careful how you gang up with unbelievers insulting men of God. If an Unbeliever insults a Pastor its expected because they are ignorant but you that suppose to know better joining hands in unity with Unbelievers and castigating men of God is bizarre and I pity your life if you don't stop it.

Many people come to me during counselling complaining they don't know what is happening to them, things are not working they say. Some say I have graduated with Masters degrees no Job, you will see a woman fit to win Miss world Beauty contest but no husband. Some are married for many years no Child. Some will say their businesses is not prospering they dont know whats hapening. Many men are getting old not married and no Job. Some they bring complain of their Children or Husbands or Wives. They don't seem to know what is wrong with them. Many don't know that what they are experiencing they brought it up on themselves. Through self impose curses or others have pass curse on them. And unfortunately most of these Christians only have relationship with Jesus because they are born by Christian parents but they don't have any fellowship with Jesus. Some of these people that come to me for prayers some of them can not even remember when they entered a Church last yet they call themselves Christians.

We have 10 types of curses , I will list them here but speak a little more on one of them.
1.Generational curses - Exodus 20:6
2. Self Impose Curses - James 3:7-8
3. Curses of Parents - Eph 6:1-3
This can be Biological Parents, Political Parents or Spiritual Parents
4. Curses of the Prophets - 1 Chronicles 16:22
5.Curses of Seed Time and Harvest time (What you sow you shall reap) - Proverbs 22:8A
6. Curses of Bitterness and Unforgiveness - Mark 11:25
7. Curses of Law(Authority or Government)- Romans 13:1
8. Curse of God - Genesis 3:14-15
Proverbs 3:33A
9. Curse of Satan - Job 1:12-19
Job 2:7-8
10. Curse of Man - This mostly comes because of Jealousy or Envy.
CURSE OF THE PROPHETS -1Chronicles 16:22 "Touch not my anointed and do my Prophets no harm".
A woman in a Church programme hissed at the Pastor preaching. The Pastor didn't even know anybody hissed at him. After some years the woman got married but some years also into the marriage no child. This woman tried everything medically with her husband to get a child but no solution. They decided to visit different men of God for prayers and almost all the men of God she met told her she insulted a Pastor by hissing at him that is why she can't take in.

Please note if you insult a man of God you need another man of God with a greater anointing to break that curse on you and how do you know who has a greater anointing than the Pastor you insulted? The only other option is you have to look for that man of God you insulted to beg for forgiveness.

The woman couldn't remember any man.of God she hissed at and the Pastors couldn't tell her who it was not until she met another man of God who told her the name of the Pastor. She remembered the Pastor but she doesn't stay where he stays currently therefore she had to travel a long distance to locate the Pastor. When she met him and she narrated her ordeal to.him..He said he doesn't know her , he has never met.her before so.he cannot even know whether she hissed at him or not. But nevertheless the Pastor prayed for.her and told her he has forgiven her he wished her well in life and she left. Immediately after that encounter with that man.of God she took in and gave birth to twins. Can you see that? the Pastor never even know anything like that transpired but God who nothing passes his eyes knew. Don't think you only insulted him while watching him on TV , don't say you only insulted him on Facebook or in your heart. Remember Mathew 5:38 Jesus said if you look at a woman lustfully in your heart is as good as you have committed adultery with her. Your actions even on Facebook matters a lot to God. He hears you and he sees you..Our thoughts are like loud speakers in the ears of God..He hears every bid of our thoughts. This reminds me of King David when his wife Michal watching through a Window King David didn't see her, king David didn't hear her but God did. She despised David in her heart because David was dancing almost necked in the Presence of God and God sealed her womb for life. She couldn't give birth.

If you have insulted any Pastor.or Man of God before whether you remember it or not plead for mercy right now. God is a merciful God. Some problems you are experiencing in life Prayer is not the Solution is Just a phone call to tell that person sorry and really mean it ,.you are sorry. Because God knows hypocritical sorry and real sorry.

I repeat again whether it's Satan that calls a Man.of God or its God that called him is none of your business allow God to Judge them not you.

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