Zing In High Anticipation As Naija Entertainers Storm Town To Celebrate Nyame's Birthday

Shon Empire INT'L present another outstanding event to mark the birthday of an icon, a game changer, the legendary politian of our time and father to all Tarabans in person of Ex- Governor Jolly T. Nyame. To some Christians and lovers of
Nyame its gonna be a double celebration as the birthday coincide with Christmas. Zing, the city whom Nyame was borne therein, is expected to be at a stand still as prominent Nigerian artist cut across Taraba will be performing live at the event.

It could be recall that the former governor, was alleged to be involved in misappropriation of funds meant for Taraba state government project by the EFCC when he was governor. The case is still ongoing at the upper court for Justification. A source close to Nyame's lawyer disclose that justice will prevail in no distance time for his client.
Nigerian Taraba based artist who will be performing live at the event schedule to take place on 25th Dec. 2018 at Bizarre hotels Zing, includes: Dee Yasso, Yerimz, Yimuzzy, Skylite, Sandi, Jossy, Lil P, El-Nelly, Ramie D, Stain, MC Kacee, Young Dowk, Stress Free Soldiers, De Ambassador Dancers and many more. Nick-Ben and the entire Miss Mumuye Nig. Crew will be there.

Come and experience the celebration of an icon like never before. Main event starts 2:30pm while shows begins 7:30pm. This is a super event you can't afford to miss.

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