PHOTOS | Unbelievable! The Long Awaiting Mumuye Belle Festival Date Officially Announced, To Take Place In Zing

Culture remains the viable heritage of any ethnicity its preservation is paramount to enhance it translation to younger generation. Culture is a strong part of people’s live, it influences their views, their values, their loyalties, their worries and fears.

Belle festival is usually organise by the leaders of Mumuye traditional religion called shon lansi. Belle is Mumuye word which means hunting; hunting as we know involves the seeking, pursuing, and killing of wild animals and birds, as in Mumuye culture mostly with bow and arrow. Belle festival as a cultural activity is not a hunting exercise but a religious activity that celebrates hunting ceremony and rituals.

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Your here by announced that the official date of BELLE MUMMUYE FESTIVAL is on Thursday the 10th January 2019 @ BIZARE hotel zing LGA

 In view of this, the undisputed Shon Empire INT'L Crew spearheaded by HRM Queen Yasenta Andrew the Ambassador Mumuye Culture And Tourism presents highly organized features including: Mumuye traditional dishes, Music, Dance & Drama, Tradition and cultural display, interactive session between Mumuye stake holders and the youth, and lots more..

The interactive session aims to enlist plans and programmes designed to better the lives and expertise of the Mumuye people. The back and forth dialogue will enhance the social, economic, and political standards, set ground breaking records that will translate progressively in to the life of every Mumuye person in the Land and beyond.

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Come and  experience a touch of the rich contemporary cultural exhibition of the BELLE MUMMUYE FESTIVAL.
VENUE: Bizarre Hotels, Zing

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