Read Full Story: Dino Melaye's Surrender, Arrest & Sickness

After about eight days of a hide and seek game with the police, Senator Dino Melaye (Kogi West) yesterday gave himself up in Abuja. And in a dramatic fashion too.

The senator who apparently had locked himself up in his high brow Maitama, Abuja residence on sighting the police penultimate Friday, voluntarily threw the gate open for them yesterday to come in, and immediately fell down in front of the waiting police team.

He looked exhausted and had to be helped into a car that took him, in a long convoy to the police headquarters.
He had told The Cable by phone last week that he was out of town and that he would report to the police this week on returning from his trip.

The Police were not convinced that he was not in the house. They vowed to keep surveillance there until he gave himself up which he did yesterday.
Prior to his opening the gate for the police, several of his fellow federal lawmakers had driven down to the house to see and accompany him to the Force Headquarters to honour the police invitation.
He was also helped out of the car at the police headquarters.
At a point, some men put an inhaler to his mouth to help him breathe well. Sources attributed the fainting to possible asthma attack.

Not wanting to leave anything to chance, the police took him to an undisclosed hospital for proper treatment.
One of the sources said: “It is only someone who is alive that we can investigate. We need him to get well before we proceed with any investigation.”

In a statement last week, Melaye alleged “a deliberate attempt by the Kogi state government to kill me, to destroy me.” He added: “I have written the inspector-general of police (IGP). My international passport is with the Nigerian police, I have a court order that it should be released to me but the IG has refused to honour the court order.

“If the police that is supposed to maintain law and order cannot obey court order, how do they expect citizens to obey court orders? As I speak to you, my security detail has been withdrawn since April and it is all in a deliberate attempt to expose me, so that I will be killed and destroyed.

“The same SARS from Kogi that shot at me are the same SARS in the photograph occupying my compound and 80 percent in mufti. I thought that recently that there was an instruction that SARS should wear uniform… I am in seven different courts and anyone that they will do will be number eight. I’m not afraid to be arraigned because my hands are clean and I know the God I serve will deliver me.”

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