PHOTOS | Perfect Swimwear Options For Different Body Types

Getting the right swimsuit for a woman could be kind of confusing, getting for older women is more difficult as the inevitable aging effects should be taken into consideration....As Santosnaija Mediaville has brought to you the classic swimsuit ideas for various body types and sizes..

Some women try to cover their stretch marks or other skin disorder while some are eager to expose their voluptuous figure. Getting the perfect swimsuit is all about the most fit and suitable for you: the one that exaggerate your favourite features and giving you confidence about the areas of your body you are not convenient with.

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Slim Ladies 

Some women remain even slim into their prime, and should always celebrate themselves by rocking the perfect swimsuit. Swimsuit with control panel in the front adds toning. The spandex lining and polyester increase the durability of the swimsuit and also add modesty to the look. The best swimsuit for slim ladies is the one with V-shaped because it emphasizes their slender shape and also the slight padding exaggerate the petite busts. This kind of swimsuit is made actaully because of slim ladies, the back is deeply scooped out and with S-closed strap.

Shorter Ladies

Swimsuits with high cut neck are good choice for short ladies. This type of swimsuit also goes well with an older women because of the size of their thighs since high cut swimwear exaggerates more on leg length and waist. This kind of swimsuit has fashion statement on U-shaped neckline and wide shoulder straps. It has removable padding providing cleavage support. Go for strong colors in floral or tropical patterns.

Plus size Women

Plus size women should choose swimwear with front control panel which helps in smoothing excess fat on stomach and hips. The matte material is a good choice for larger ladies. The features of the swimwearhelp in achieving a slimming effect. It has extra built in cups to support bigger bre*sts.
This provides better coverage having full back, medium thigh cut and ample bottom, it still looks hot with these features. Rock strong colors from purple to orange and feminine pink.

Mature Older Women

Older women who want to wear youthful look should invest in two-piece swimsuit but should provide more coverage than the conventional bikini/swimwear. Its still a fashionable option. The high waist features conceal the sagging tummies, stretch marks, offering full coverage.
There should be an adjustable halter top features that should tie straps to the neck and back. The spandex material comes in different floral designs with suitable colors.

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