Money Or Sex Cannot Keep A Man ~~ Nadia Buhari Reavels What Can Keep A Man

 Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari has given her opinion on what she believes is the only that can keep a man and to her, neither sex nor money is enough to keep a man in a relationship.

She wrote:
So I just got off the fon with a childhood friend of mine who’s having relationship issues and feels her last resort is to get off the pills and have a baby for him.
In her na├»ve mind, that will certainly hold him down. Well..I ain’t no counselor, neither I’m i clairvoyant, but I do know this however, that, a baby WON’T keep a man, being beautiful WON’T keep a man, sex WON’T keep a man,
Heck, being a good woman, BARELY keeps a man. The only thing that’ll keep a man, is A MAN THAT WANTS TO BE KEPT! #Periodt !

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