Mind Blowing Techniques! To Becoming A Millionaire Through Agriculture In Nigeria

Think like a billionaire! If Dangote, Otedola, Adeleke, the Dantatas, Alakija, Adenuga, Elumelu etc decide to move into Agriculture, would they ever wait for government subsidies? Rather, start learning where they take their cuts from, which is tax relieves.
Every government program for Agriculture may not work. So, I do not bother myself to join any unprofitable program by the so called alpha and omega. Would billionaires borrow money from all these agricultural loan schemes? I am just wondering.
Hmmm. Not sure if I should approach any but my trust for government is zero; hence, Government is dead in my world!

When you look back to 1960s,70s. One begin to ask, how did Awolowo get it done? How did farmers clear their farmlands during that period to plant cocoa, cashew, rubber, palm, coconut etc, seedlings? How was Awolowo able to pull together the teams that trained these uneducated farmers who did not even know what cocoa looks like to cultivate.. Yet over 90% of the cash crop they planted are what are still available today. Hmmmm!

Our characters and nature is our seeds. Both Awolowo and the farmers of those days seem to have a godly nature. Why blame govermment when your mind is corrupt. We know within us.. if you are chance to lay hands on resources meant for public, would monopolize it, would corner it! and you know its wrong. Your nature does not want to farm, but you are doing it because you think it is the last option for you. Why would you not get frustrated?
The best is, go into farming if you have passion for it. At old age, go into it if it is your hubby. Write business plans free from any government subsidy or intervention.
When buying land, pick locatioms you wouldn't need the joint help of other farmers.

For example, pick farmland you can drive to easily. Not that after purchsse, you are the first to get to farmers association meetings every Thursday to plead with your colleagues to assist with expansion of the road to your farm. Other farmers do not even want it because they do not want their land cut off for road expansion. You better learn the prerequisites to farming in Nigeria before you become a victim.

Government hear this!

Your primary job is to formulate good policies for businesses in Nigeria, and not to get involve in it 100%. Get your hands off completely every business including oil. The day FG will be bold enough to remove their hands off NNPC, intervene on critical economic sector like agriculture, that day Nigeria is liberated. Take it or leave it. why not try?

How I wish Obasanjo had not sold of NITEL. Do we think we can ever have santosnaija and be sharing knowlege like this? Do we think we can ever have the opportunity to tweet useful information that will go viral in a matter of minutes? Do we think Mr. President would still use the same forceful approach used in 1983? Human right violation at its peak. Communication is freedom of speech. NITEL was the evil tool used to curb it in those days, and the reason those military men took advantage of the situation. Goverment should provide an enabling environment for agricultural entrepreneur for jobs creation.

There is hope, I said there is hope!

The private sector has a role to play, because Government alone cannot create jobs. Nevertheless, Government have to provide an enabling environment for jobs to be created.

Extensive land reform must be addressed, farmers and other stakeholders in the value chain should be allow to own the most important factor of production which is LAND, this will empower them. Land ownership will also serve as collateral for more farmers to access funds from banks and microfinance institutions.

The federal, State and Local governments should increase agricultural allocation in their  budgets and focus on broadening access to farmers' grants, seed subsidies, loans, market research info, tax incentives, and training. Agricultural training should focus on supply chain including poultry, fishing, food processing, forestry and livestock rearing. Sustainable techniques such as conservation practices, companion planting, crop rotation, and pest control should be taught to farmers and small Agric. Entrepreneurs.

Government at all levels should address challenges affecting smallholder farmers such as high operating costs, absence or inadequate basic infrastructure like.. irrigation resources, access to adequate storage facilitie etc.

Providing appropriate financial assistance such as grant, credit and insurance to agricultural producers will reduce their exposure to risks that threaten production, output, and revenue. Access to financing will also enable small-holder farmers to invest in modernise agricultural practices and increase productivity.

Just watch out for this one signal. The day Nigeria govermment begin to engage credible private sector participants to intervene in Agricultural sector is the start of the journey. I am talking about the kind of NITEL privatisation, and not the kind of POWER (NEPA) privatisation. I'm sure the main regret of former president Obasanjo is not getting POWER right before leaving office.

My opinion though,
Chrisantus Michael J.
(An Agriculture Consultant, Social Commentator and Blogger Based In Jalingo, West Africa. Email~~


  1. This piece if considered by relevant govt authorities will go a long way in ensuring the economic philosophy of Africapitalism. Kudos

  2. Calvin Miles I appreciate. What I know is that believe based on the fact that vibrant African private sector is the key to unlocking Africa's social and economic potentials.


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