C. Ronaldo Admitted That He Paid His Rape Accuser $375,000

Juventus Forward, Cristiano Ronaldo has admitted that he paid $375,000 to his rape accuser Kathryn Maryoga in 2010.

This is coming on the hills of Las Vegas police announcing that they have no enough evidence to substanciate the rape allegation against the Portuguese.

Kathryn Maryoga had accused Ronaldo of raping her at a Las Vegas hotel after they met at a night club in 2009. She also claimed she was paid hush money in 2010 and made to sign a document to ensure she keeps her mouth shut on the incident.

With Maryoga bringing up the issue and pressing for a case, Ronaldo claims it had already been settled in the past and that what they had was consensual.

In newly filed court documents obtained by TMZ, Ronaldo’s camp acknowledged the $375,000 figure. His lawyers say the payment was not an admission of guilt, but merely an effort to keep the story from public attention.

“C. Ronaldo paid Plaintiff the sum of $375,000 and both parties agreed to be bound by explicit confidentiality and non-disparagement obligations,” the new court docs filed by Ronaldo state.
Mayorga’s lawyers now want the agreement thrown out.

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