(Must Read): Letter To Organizers Of Beauty Pageants!!

Dear organizers of Beauty Pageants,
Hope this meets you well. Although I'm not in total agreement with all the negative projections people who know nothing of pageantry place you.. But hear this..
Beauty Pageant Organizers, I just want to let you know that until you disengage satan as a member of your LOC, the applicants will only be entering the competition because of the star prize which is almost always a car and you too will just be collecting free KPEKUS from them while promising each contestant a win.
See, when you carry the winner from one office to another soliciting for funding for her pet project, I want you to know that all the people you're visiting already know that your QUEEN is the latest addition to your pool of 'Chikala Kpekusa' and you're just doing your job as a pimp.

Peagentry today, has degenerated in this country Nigeria to such an extent that people tend to disdain all participants. It is now a pathway to glorified prostitution; hope you hear me right..

I have seen many queens sleep with Mr A just to have access to Mr B's bed.
To transform a 'normal average' Nigerian girl to a slaying high flyer in one infamous instance of fame, comes with, not only a star prize, but a heavy PRICE as well. And YOU innocent young girl now 'queen', because of one day of fame, you now turn family and friends into FANS.. SMH, do not be carried away young woman, your queency comes with a price!

The sudden pressure to appear majestic and act queenly, to maintain her status without enablement, purchase 'Brazilian hair', abandon Nokias in preference for I-Phones, Samsung etc leads many young girls astray.

Organizers, If you really want to make an impact in the society using beauty pageants, please raise the bar. Make the star prize a scholarship in a prestigious university to study any course of their choice or a full skill training and start up kit after training. Until then, you will only have slay queens as applicants with nothing but pictures of painted faces hopping from bed to bed in order to sustain the fake lifestyle which you have introduced them to.

Pageants Organizers stop adding to the damage that's already plaguing our society!!

Please accept the assurances of my highest regard.

Yours sincerely,
Chrisantus jay Michael

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  1. I love this letter, please increase the volume!


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