Nigeria Achievers Award 2019: Meet The Generous Hon. Harris Muhammad Suleiman

A close encounter with Hon. Harris Mohammad Suleiman, one will be very quick to realise he is a man with an excellent intuative ability. His good judgements and approach to issues confirms to this fact. Here is a man who is always optimistic in everything he embarks on and it has shown so far in his jene sais quoi.

His love for philanthropism, and efforts towards youth creativity. His support for youth and women growth and enhancement of their talents through various initiatives in Nigeria, Taraba to be precise, is overwhelming.

Without sentiments, Hon. Suleiman, has hitherto shown in his pertinacious approach that he is 100% committed to helping the people. He has so far shown commitment to the people in his various initiatives.

Hon. Suleiman has shown to youths that he is one of the great men of our time. So why won't he be recipient of this award?

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