Nigeria Achievers Award 2019: Meet A Medical Doctor, An Excellent Leader Dr. Bweisiwae Thomas Kefas

Dr. Bweisiwae Thomas Kefas, a Medical Doctor and leader per excellence.
He has much to offer his society. He's passionate about his fellow citizens and a philantropist in nature. The CEO Of Lovelinks International and is a great man of repute. A man who believes action speaks louder than words.

An orator and great motivator. His oratory skills right from his school days  made him popular and a force to reckon. He has a proven record of being resourceful, innovative, and creative in achieving his goals.

Dr. Kefas has been the silent pioneer in the recent changes seen In the entertainment arena within Taraba. His label host some of the big hitters within the Industry.

He is well respected within his profession and within the political and entertainment class. He is truthful. Good or bad, he points things clearly the way it is. Lies are out, unrehearsed truth is in. What you see is what you see, all the cards are on the table, the words are non-rehearsed, flowing forth and engendering a sense of trust.

A fashionista and gentleman of the finest breed.

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